Walking Off the Democrat Plantation – The Providence of Change (Part 3 of 3)


Ever since we as a people switched loyalty from the party that fought to get us and keep us free, we are no better off, and in many ways we are more depraved.  Today we have more black on black crime, black men and women in prison, teen pregnancies, fatherless homes, high black unemployment (over 16% today under a black president).  Black and White Republicans in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s, which at the time nearly all blacks were Republican, warned of this very day.  They warned that the Democrat-proposed government-run housing projects which are currently inner-city slums and that the abuse of government assistance programs (Republicans pushed long and hard for welfare reform) would create a permanent underclass of minorities- dependent, unproductive, and impoverished.

Today many poor blacks look to the government to provide for them.  Some look to our first black president to fix all of their economic woes.  What they have failed to realize is that President Obama and his policies are exacerbating their economic troubles.  The facts speak for themselves.

Economically, blacks are hit harder than whites.  Unemployment is higher and life expectancy is lower, yet our black socialist president gets a free pass.  Democrats, for the past 40 years, have run nearly every inner-city in America, many with black police chiefs, mayors, legislators, etc.  Yet we are no better off.  No complaints from the black community.    Black leaders blame the rich (who by the way are the job creators) for not paying enough.  They expect the rich to create jobs, keep prices low, endure the demands of unions and government regulations, pay high wages, and pay high taxes!  Alas, when some are fortunate enough to start their own business, they cry foul because the demands that they voted for are unreasonable!

Yet at every election cycle, you can be sure to see black Democratic leaders promising minorities free or low cost housing, free health insurance, jobs and everything else in exchange for a vote. They fail to tell the poor that none of that stuff is free and that somebody is paying.  Secondly, they fail to mention that businesses create jobs, not government.  If they supported small business development through incentives like low taxes, more jobs would be available to them.  Many poor blacks and other minority groups depend too heavily on government for survival and many truly believe that they are owed something, that someone has to give them something, that they don’t have to endure the responsibility that is conjoined with freedom.

I do agree that many government programs, such as those to help the homeless and orphans, the sick and the elderly, are good and necessary humanitarian aids for the good of society.  Republican presidents such as President Bush have done more than most to responsibly aid the most impoverished people, black and white, in this nation.  But like Republicans have argued, perpetual dependency on government aid drains societal resources and places an undue burden on taxpayers.  It is not good for a progressive people and it is counterintuitive to productivity and self-reliance.



Reflecting, I can clearly see that fear played a part in preventing me from voting my values; every black that I had heard of who didn’t drink the Democrat Kool-Aid and DARED to identify themselves with another party, or even worse, the Republican party, was labeled by other black Democrats as an Uncle Tom (even though Uncle Tom, a fictional character, was a hero in his story), a sellout, or a house negro.  Additionally, I simply didn’t have enough information.  Politics was a puzzle that I did not have enough pieces to.  Not saying I have all the pieces now; like so many things in life, politics is not simply black and white.  There are gray areas; many ways to combat our nation’s problems and no one party has all the answers or even the right answers.  No one political party has a claim on morality, no one political party has all the right solutions for poverty, crime, and foreign relations.  And despite the Democrat party’s shameful racist past, no one party is free of racism.  Racism exists within all political parties because some of the people who make up the parties suffer the disease of racism.   We live in a democracy and racists are allowed a vote too.

Today, I feel I am a much better informed voter than I ever was in the past.  Knowledge is power.  It’s freedom.  Yet, heartbreaking to me is that many of my black peers look upon my freedom of political choice with disdain.

It disturbs me that many of the blacks that vote Democrat do so out of tradition.  I was one of them.  It bothers me that the Democratic Party takes our vote for granted in many of the same ways (and to their failure) that the Republican Party did in times past.  Democrats are allowed to be openly racist without consequence or reprisal from blacks.  Successful black Republicans such as retired four-star general and former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice have been disrespected, their names have been slandered, and their characters have assassinated by both black and white Democrats.  They have been called Uncle Toms, Aunt Mamie, and house niggers.  Blacks would be totally offended if these same names were directed at black Americans who were not Republican.


I have learned a lot about both political parties and enough to know that when given the choice between Democrat and Republican, I choose the latter.  There are many myths out there—and many reasons blacks say they don’t vote Republican—Nixon’s so-called Southern Strategy, the old Republicans are the new Democrats, Republicans are racists. . . I could go on and on.  Whatever their reason, so be it.  But as I have concluded, the values of the Republican Party of old have never changed.  From their beginning they have stood for small government, personal responsibility, low taxes, religious freedom, free enterprise, and adherence to the constitution.

I will end by saying this.  Though I was born and raised a Democrat, I am proud to say that today I am a freethinking American who chooses to vote her values.  And though I may not agree with every Republican, or every Republican idea, as of now, the Republican Party is my home.



About sswimp

I am not an "African-American'. I am a proud American, who happens to be of African descent. I am Christian. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God shapes my concepts of what it means to be a conservative. I am Pro Life. Devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government,and individual responsibility. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.
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9 Responses to Walking Off the Democrat Plantation – The Providence of Change (Part 3 of 3)

  1. One mistake here:
    Successful black Republicans such as retired four-star general and former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice have been disrespected,
    Colin Powell is/was a “Progressive” mole, and supports B H Obama.

  2. Mike O says:

    I wouldn’t call Colin a ‘mole’; he made a judgement call and proved to be wrong (he was also wrong NOT to continue the first Gulf War into Baghdad; that would a LOT cleaner ending to the Iraqi issues) . He makes independent judgements and he’s been wrong and even now has expressed is ‘disappointment ‘ in Obama.

  3. Vicki says:

    I agree with Mike. I don’t believe Colin Powell is a “mole.” A lot of people were fooled by the campaign rhetoric of Obama and a lot of people will continue to be in 2012.
    I agree with the person who commented on Part 2: “Providence for President.” This article should be spread all across the internet, passed out in colleges and universities and shared by all free thinking Americans.

  4. Curtis 5%er says:

    Hey Stacy I read your post. Some parts I thought you was right but the reasoning behind calling the Dems the party that supports racism. Ok Ok I know the history of Democrat Party Pre-Civil Rights Era. But Post Civil Right Era. Come On! Im going to take a page from Bill O’Relly (All Muslim are not terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim) sad statement ie. Timothy McVeigh “My angle of it” (All Republican are not racist but in 2011 the KKK and the Neo-Nazi are Republican) I have did my research these people have websites and they only back(vote) Republicans they jumped Democrat ship a long time ago.lol I’m not either. I vote for the right person for the job. And right now there is nobody touching the President at the moment.

    • I guess you miss up some where in doing your job, even today, the similarity’s of the late 1800’s actions, with the ones we see in our present, are not very different, the bigotry, the corruption, the treats, the fraud, the deception, the crime, the bully, the insult, the attack, still happen, contrary to what the democrat try to said all this years, the entire issue is ideology, the democrat want total control of people, they want slave every single one of us, no matter the color,race or origin.
      That you call president, that I call “it” is nothing but the bigger fraud of all, illegal, muslim, liar, traitor, delusional, someone who hates America and is doing all he can to destroy. Your perception is wrong, the KKK and the Neo-Nazi has never been Republican or what we understand as such… you also need to remember that in Europe the party name is different, all European is socialist, that means is what we should call here democrats, communist, dictatorship, fascism all of this, falls for the democrat party of this Nation, on others just happen to be call something else.
      You really need to paid attention of that history you said you have paid attention to, and maybe you will learn something, so I hope so, I don’t believe that in the populace people is bad, I believe their ideas is in the assumption to be better for the Country, even if the majority is looking for their own interest and they can get rats about Country, as long they get a free ride. If you feel that you love your Country, them do the proper investigation, search and learn, if I did, so can you… and I born in Europe, so I know well what you talking about, how wrong you’re in the comment you make. It’s as if anyone tells me that MLK was a democrat, when I know that back in the day 99.99% of black were Republicans, including MLK. Wake up and start smelling the coffee!

  5. American Patriot says:

    I have a few black friends, and 2 ,who when I asked them if they voted for obama because he is black, both said yes,both conservative ,so I was surprised…..oh yeah both are business owners,one owns an insurance agancy, the other a small construction co. the 3rd said ,obama is trouble, we don’t even know who he is, why does he have a problem showing his longform burth certificate,if he has one, why has he hidden all his college info ,& pd millions to have it done, !!Oh yeah the 3rd was a NY police officer and was involved heavily in 9/11 .He lives here in SC now and ,oh yeah works for Home Land Security he’s the one who felt obama was trouble and he is,he felt obama was not going to lookout for Americas best intersts etc. boy was he ever right!!

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  7. Mark says:

    Absolutely brilliant… I had to read it over a second and third time. I will print this and hang it in my house hold. Providence you know what freedom truly means. Praise God the Most High.

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