Beware of Presidents Wearing False Yarmulkes

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot

This week, with a major U.N. assembly taking place, there seems to be a great deal of behind the scenes scrambling to prevent Palestinian statehood. Scrambling is the key word. Why exactly are we scrambling? Should we not have taken the steps we now scramble to take months ago?

The scrambling is to form a multi-nation block of statehood for Palestine so that the U.S. does not stand alone in the U.N. Security Council in opposition to Palestinian statehood.

This should have been a done deal a long, long time ago but that isn’t the case. It seems that Obama promised Palestinian Authority leader Abbas that Palestine would indeed gain recognition and statehood upon which now, Obama seems to have reversed course.

The first question is, why would Obama advocate Palestinian statehood to begin with? I’ll get back to that.

The second question is why would he reverse course at such a late date and be forced to scramble for diplomatic backing?

The answer to the second question seems obvious. Political expediency. Obama is in trouble as he watches his polling numbers drop, and he IS in campaign mode. In fact, Obama will take time to address the U.N. General Assembly this week, between campaign fund raisers in New York.

It was last week’s events IN New York which undoubtedly played a major role in the course reversal. Last week, a congressional seat occupied for nearly 90 years by democrats went, in a special election, to a republican. The 9th District in New York is nearly 70% democrat and heavily populated by Orthodox Jews who have, for decades, overwhelmingly supported democrat candidates.

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