Israel’s PM is the World’s Statesman

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot

At last, a voice of sanity has echoed through the chamber of the United Nation’s General Assembly. Following the addresses of Abbas and a ranting Ahmeninejad and a couple of days after a lack luster address from Obama, the voice of reason took the podium.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke just minutes ago to the assembled nations. The Prime Minister spoke to those who stand with Israel, to those who stand against Israel – and to those whose stance, because of their personal and party ideology, cannot be counted upon to defend the principles nor the people of our most important friend.

It was just a few months ago, while in Washington, Prime Minister Netanyahu had to take our President to school over the disastrous and dangerous idea of rolling Israel’s borders back to pre-1967 lines.

After that meeting, Obama backed away from his insistence of pre-1967 borders – and in recent days, he also backed away from his pronouncement last year of having an independent Palestine by this year.

From the U.N. podium, Netanyahu spoke about how Israel has been singled out, unjustly, more than any other nation, for condemnation by the United Nations.

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