A Time For Choosing

By Tera Ertz
I’ve been standing still allowing the campaigning for the office of President to crash over my senses and wash blissfully away the last few weeks. I was discouraged when my favorite candidate departed the scene. More discouraged when the subsequent debate among my friends drifted from the ideas of their candidates, to the flaws of the other candidates, to the stupidity of the supporters of the other candidates, to nothing more than crashing cymbals of discontent with the current field. As I waded in the mud and muck that has become the Republican Primary, I stretched out a hand to lift up those who were sinking further and further in the cesspool and crying desperately for some hope. “ NONE OF THE CANDIDATES IS PERFECT,” they cried. “WHO WILL WE FIND TO BEAT THE ALL POWERFUL OZ,” oh, excuse me “OBAMA,” they wailed. “Ah fear not my friends, it is time to step back and reflect.” So, here, after I have taken my own advice, I will offer the lifeline to you dear readers as well.
First I prayed. I didn’t necessarily pray that the guy I like best wins, or that the guy I like least loses. I simply prayed that God would put his hands in the situation and guide myself and my fellow citizens as we set about blocking out all the bickering children in the media and across the social networks and got down to the difficult but important work of finding the diamond in the rough patch of the GOP field. I figure if God has his hands in the mix, whoever he guides us to choose is in for some serious Lordly buffing and chiseling to make them shine. The next step I had recommended was that my fellow disaffected citizens spend some time perusing the Constitution, particularly Article II.

See, what we tend to forget in the midst of the school yard cat fight the media likes to put on as a substitute for actually informing the electorate about the potential hires is that a Presidential election is nothing more than a really drawn out job interview. And we, us average, everyday citizens, are the boss looking to fill a position. It’s a short term contract position, four years in duration, with an option to renew the contract for an additional four years if the bosses think you’re doing a good job. As the bosses, it’s our job to have a job description clearly laid out so we can accurately assess who might best earn their paycheck for those four, possibly eight years. Thankfully, we’ve got a handy guide to refer to when developing a job description. What I discovered as I perused this lovely document was a pretty short list of qualifications and duties involved with this position, and I’m hoping they might help you wonderful readers determine the best person for the position. Try to look at this primary process as the weeding out for the final choice between two applicants that will be left in November. We already know who the other guy’s going to be.

I. Requirements: The applicant must be 35 years old, have lived in this country for 14 years, and be a natural born citizen of this country (pretty simple and I’m pretty sure all our folks qualify)

II. Duties

a. Commander in Chief of the Military – So, the applicant must know how to lead, and either have a firm understanding of the capabilities of our military or be willing to appoint and listen to those who do.

b. Appointments – The applicant must have a firm understanding of what the various jobs within the government are supposed to do, and appoint applicants knowledgeable and capable in those areas so the government will run well, including Judges, Officers and Ambassadors.

c. Treaties & Foreign Dignitaries – The applicant must approve all treaties with foreign governments, with the advice and consent of the Senate, and must represent this country to foreign powers.

d. State of the Union – The applicant must be able to assess and report the state of the country and suggest remedies to Congress on areas that need work.

e. Enforcement – The applicant must be willing and able to carry out the laws duly passed by the Congress of the United States

f. Veto – (This part is in a different Article, but it’s important) The applicant must be willing to use their best judgment to stop laws passed by Congress that are either UnConstitutional or not in the best interests of the nation.

g. Oath – The applicant must be willing to swear and then follow through on an Oath to perform these duties to the best of their ability and protect and defend the Constitution.

And that’s all she wrote folks. I haven’t taken the next step yet, which is to look at the positions of each candidate. But, these are the duties and requirements for the President of the United States. Please note, not a single one of them directly relates to any kind of legislation to fix the budget or the tax code, although the applicant should they be hired can propose such legislation to the Congress. Not a single one of them has a thing to do with fixing the economy, although they surely can stop exercising the usurped authority to legislate through regulation. And not a single one of them has to do directly with legislation that would impact social issues, although they could certainly appoint constructionist judges and promise to sign legislation that favorably impacts families in this country. So, as I move on to the next phase of selecting the applicant I believe is best suited to the job at hand, I will be ignoring the hoopla on the TV and across the internet. I will be looking closely at foreign policy, which includes the illegal invasion from outside our borders as well as maintaining our standing and security abroad. I will be looking closely at the applicants’ stance on the role of government and the role of judges in our Constitutional Republic. And I will be looking for promises that should legislation come to their desk that is supported by the American people, through their duly elected Representatives in the Congress and Senate, that they will sign that legislation unless they can show due cause why it is not within the boundaries of the Constitution. And I will be looking for an applicant that I believe will enforce the laws passed by our Congress and uphold the Oath they swear. Lastly, I will be looking for an applicant that totally, completely, and ardently loves this nation and all that it stands for, because I cannot fathom how anything less would be a good representative for our beloved nation to the rest of the world.  How bout you?

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I am not an "African-American'. I am a proud American, who happens to be of African descent. I am Christian. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God shapes my concepts of what it means to be a conservative. I am Pro Life. Devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government,and individual responsibility. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.
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2 Responses to A Time For Choosing

  1. Duncan Regen says:

    I do so agree with you on this,and I know that if we pray about it God will provide to correct answer. Thank you for what you do with this. I think its great

  2. Hannah says:

    bless you with regard to the certain weblog post ive actually been searching regarding this kind of details on the web for sum time correct now as a result cheers

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