Keystone Pipeline – Did Congress & the President put our National Security at risk?

By Jacqueline Lang

President Obama has put the Keystone pipeline on hold after more than two years of discussion on the matter and now some comments are being made that maybe the project doesn’t need federal approval . The extra information that women need to know; The major concerns and topics in this situation (with my opinions):


      Environmental impact = Yes, there is a risk with everything we do in life. We have millions of miles of pipeline across the US. When was the last time you heard about a spill?


      Did the US push Canada to turn to China for sales? Yes


      Would the pipeline create American jobs = Yes


      Would there be a financial impact on local communities where the pipeline would be located = Yes


      Does it give America a source of energy without drilling on American soil = Yes


    National Security issue = Yes

What’s reality?
The first set of questions:
• How did the lack of leadership to make a decision in a timely manner really affect the short term and long term lives of American women?
• Where will America get the energy resources needed to survive if not from Canada?
• Who will control the flow of oil and gas in America?

It’s important to first understand what is going within America’s borders and understand what is happening in Canada our biggest supplier of oil before you can answer the above questions or any other questions.

Brief history:there’s a lot more going on

      2005 – CNOOC (Chinese state oil firm) buys 17% in MEG Energy (Canada)


      2008 – Keystone Pipeline extension proposed


      2010 – CNOOC buys into South Texas oil and gas fields


      2010 – Keystone Pipeline – government agencies and leadership within the halls of Congress fight with each other making no real decisions

Canada is probably tired of the American politicians by now

      2010 – Chinese companies: Sinopec ConocoPhillips’s buy 9% in Syncrude Canada
      Cnooc buys Opti Canada


      March 2011 – Committee on Foreign Affairs U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, discusses the importance of a relation with Canada for oil and discussion of reliance on oil from hostile regimes


      July 2011 – China first buys OPTI, Canadian oil sands producer


      August 2011 – American politicians lack leadership to get anything done


      September 2011 – China invest billions in Canada’s oil industry


      October 2011 – China buy Daylight Energy; China now owns some of the Canada’s land;

“Buying Daylight wasn’t important so much for the target’s 35,000 or so barrels of oil equivalent daily production. Rather, its value lies in the 320,000 acres of land Daylight owns in areas with rich proven oil and gas reserves”~ January 2012 – President Obama puts Keystone Pipeline on hold
~ January 2012 – China buys full ownership in Alberta oilsands
~ January 2012 – Canada expresses that they hope a joint venture with the US will be of benefit while also stating that the oil will also be sold to foreign buyers

      Pipelines across the United States:

    Picture: Association of Oil Pipelines
Things to think about:
Keystone Pipeline: Athabasca Oil Sands to America only
If China’s in control of Athabasca project – Do we still build the pipeline?
Is China or the Canadian Government in charge when it comes to how the crude flows through the Keystone pipeline?
Does China have a contract with details of how long they get to drill for oil today, tomorrow or in the future? I’d like to read that contract
Congress and the President I think would follow China’s purchase of energy resources. Did they know that American interest in oil were at risk?
Would it now be appropriate to drill on American soil rather than to rely on Canada and China for the bulk of our energy source?
Did Congress and the President have an opportunity to secure additional energy sources from a trusted country and blew the deal? Blew it due to their lack of leadership; Could we now be buying oil that is controlled by China?

    Picture Credit: Natural Resources Defense Council
    This is a very complex issue that may have just spun out of control on our elected officials. That lack of leadership within the halls of Congress by the Republicans, Democrats and the President may have just created a long term National Security concern while increasing an unstable life for American families.
    Again, the biggest fear is that as a Nation we are not making decisions to secure energy resources or create stability in our National Security.
      To add to the madness Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) wants to create a “Reasonable Profits Board” this board would be charge of controlling profits from gas or oil companies.


    Rep. Kucinich and others will introduce The Gas Price Spike Act, H.R. 3784 to control the gas and oil industry profits with a board; an Act that gives NO guidance on profit issues. In the real world this would be called an incompetent action and if it landed on my desk it would torn up and thrown away.
      How does the government get to control a business’s profits?

hope they don’t try to control my profitsThose that control the energy resources control the rest of us.

      Additional reading:

China’s other investments: just to name a few
Afghanistan signs oil contract with Chinese giantOil rig arrives for Cuba offshore exploration workExample of political spin by politicians:

      This article is a good example: 2012 Congressional Candidates both Republican and Democrat. They talk about the issue from their own political party perspective. From their responses it is clear that they really have no idea of the facts and the impact of their policies. Typical politics that get no real results.

Bonamici, Cornilles take opposing sides on Keystone pipeline project


Understanding Canada Oil Sands’ M&A Appeal

Sinopec to Buy Daylight Energy for $2.1 Billion
Dems propose ‘Reasonable Profits Board’ to regulate oil company profits
Chinese oil giant takes big step into Texas shale
Terry Glavin: China has our forests, now we’re sending our oilfields too
Chinese ownership of oilsands project troubling milestone: MP
Obama’s Keystone Denial Prompts Canada to Look to China Sales
Chinese oil giant takes big step into Texas shale
Chinese state oil firm buys Canadian oil sands producer


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3 Responses to Keystone Pipeline – Did Congress & the President put our National Security at risk?

  1. irishsignora says:

    Very thought-provoking post. Thank you for the information, the well-supported positions, and the source material. Count me among your subscribers!

  2. Duncan Regen says:

    I think delaying this project was a mistake for all the for mentioned reasons. Having said that, my concern is over repeated reports that Warren Buffits companies stand to profit because the oil will now be shipped to Texas by rail. To do away with jobs for Americans so he can make even more money to me seems very wrong.

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