“STEP RIGHT UP” For the next death-defying trick…

By Marissa Martinez

When we began this journey, I admit I was excited, thrilled, and even giddy with the prospect of picking our nominee and the next POTUS.

As debates and time marched on, I began to feel like a kid at the fair watching sideshows of the bizarre, unreal, and unexplained. I heard the announcer shout to the crowd “step right up” as that infamous Circus them played in the background and lulled me to distraction when I became enthralled with the colorful ads, fire-eating performers, dancing bears, elephant tricks, bearded lady’s and screams in the distance from patrons riding the roller coaster.  I held on tightly to my cotton candy in one hand and my balloon in the other as I watched the show unfold before my very eyes.

As we have continued down this road, it has begun to take odd twist, turns not expected, and has left me wanting. It feels like an inevitable void, wanting to find a George Washington who gallantly and honorably leading our troops to victory, in search of a voice to crystallize the eloquently words spoken by Jefferson.  The fiery desire and focus Adams debated before his fellow colony patriot. Seeking a leader fortified with the diplomacy and faith that Franklin possessed.

Last night’s debate is proof positive that MSM is out of touch with what is concerning us and on our minds. To take a famous quote out of history, “it’s about the economy stupid.” We have a lowered quality of life, gas prices are sure to require a second mortgage – assuming you can find a bank to loan you the money after Dodd Frank. Higher taxes, assault on those who want to succeed. Iran’s war cry, and attack on religious beliefs.

With the high number of issues that need to be addressed, CNN, choose to ask, “Do you believe in birth control?”  Were they really expecting the GOP field to say, “Oh, no; birth control is not real, it is a figment of our imagination akin to unicorns, the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause.”

Stop squabbling and listen closely, this is what is on my mind. I run a business and for the first time in history, our President has lowered the bar of expectation of success and encouraging mediocrity.  This is equivalent to me, a parent telling my child,

“Well son; you’re a minority, the education system is substandard, so you will probably be ignorant, which means your opportunities will be limited, because of this, you’ll probably pick a poor mate in life. If you’re lucky, you might get on entitlements and, my grandchildren will be as dumb as a box of rocks doomed to follow in your footsteps.”

With all the damage this administration has repeatedly proven, you chose to fight like children in the sand box. These are serious times and we need serious leaders.  I, like many other Americans have a natural propensity to be competitive, to strive for excellence, and reach a high standard of living. Our way of life is under attack and you are playing “he said, she said”

We are fighting like hell to survive and forge through this time in history while you play games. Our lives, ideals, and aspirations are not a joke. Step up and address the real issues, look me in the eye and explain how you plan to correct this monstrosity of a government.  You keep serving up side dishes while I crave the main course.

We are constantly bombarded by the far left, who believes we are not entitled to the fruits of our labor. We must forfeit what has taken us a lifetime to acquire to those who chose to do nothing in quiet compliance. If we do not, it means we are racists, greedy and Godless. My beliefs that are at the core of my existence are traded like commodities on the stock exchange while the President attempts to address the public with bible quotes taken out of context.

If you are confused and uncertain what to discuss, look me up on facebook. I will give you a list of issues that scare the day lights out of me, keep me up at night, and make me wake up in cold sweats if I am able to sleep at all. Listening to you act like three year olds having a temper tantrum is too much to ask of me. I have far more important things on my mind. When you are ready to be real leaders, ready to take the bull by the horns, and explain how the cow ate the cabbage you let me know. However, right now, I have to go back to defending what is left of the American dream and forced to accept the table scraps as substance this administration permits the public to claim as their own.


About sswimp

I am not an "African-American'. I am a proud American, who happens to be of African descent. I am Christian. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God shapes my concepts of what it means to be a conservative. I am Pro Life. Devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government,and individual responsibility. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.
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2 Responses to “STEP RIGHT UP” For the next death-defying trick…


    You make some great points, Stacy. It’s a shame that people allow themselves to continue to be “dumbed down” for the sake of a mediocrity. It’s all part of the same indoctrination techniques that we’ve had for generations. Most people seem pacified as long as nothing disrupts the illusions they live their lives under. So many of us, yourself included, are trying to break those bubbles and expose them to reality, but as you must know, I’m not sure a sledgehammer against the head would do it.

    We’ll just have to keep on moving forward and hope that, as on a parade route, we pick up those who are simple too curious to be left behind and that somewhere along the way, they actually learn why they are following the crowd and decide to stick with it, because they feel the rewards at the destination are going to be well worth it.

  2. Well said, the circus needs to cease! These are about to be desperate times, and if the current administration gets another four years… I’ll turn the lights out before I leave for Costa Rica!

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