From Liberated to Entitled

By Joni George

The brouhaha at the end of last week over taxpayer-funded birth control and Rush Limbaugh got me to thinking.

First, the outcry is over-the-top hypocritical on the part of the mainstream media–as usual.  And, of course, it takes the minds of the lemmings off the real problems this country faces.

I can think of some unprintable names that only the left is allowed to call conservatives such as Sarah Palin; her greatest offense apparently is being a conservative.

No, Rush isn’t wrong.

Yes, he did go overboard making his point–and name-calling is unacceptable on either side. (But hey, when it happens on the right, it’s handy to take people’s minds off the real problems this administration has fostered and worsened during the past three or so years.)

Yes, the woman who testified before Congress was an activist, and a fraud, and failed to mention that birth control is cheap and also easily accessible and can even be free to anyone through those like Planned Parenthood–which the government already hands many millions of our taxpayer dollars to.

Yes, Obama is doing his level best to make this election all about “women’s rights”.  Another front in his class war, I suspect.  (Like he hasn’t got enough of those going already.)  He is adept at getting groups of people to go at each other:  in this case, it’s the religious groups who want to keep their constitutional freedoms versus women.

But then after some quiet time thinking about this situation, I remembered what my grandmothers and my mother’s generation worried about.  Was it free birth-control?  Hardly.  That generation, compared to this entitlement generation are as different as darkness and light.  Literally.

I was thinking how far into becoming animals the “women’s rights” crowd and their enablers in government have taken us. The recent “testimony” in front of Congress of a so-called educated woman begging for taxpayer-funded birth control for her “sexcapades” reduces women to nothing more than animals with no will, restraint, or common sense, for that matter.

Womanhood was once an art–something to aspire to. Now it is something to be scorned and snorted at by those “enlightened” ones. Women who are self-disciplined and care for their spouses, homes, and families are something of a laughingstock to the women’s liberation generation—up for scorn at every turn.

In case you didn’t know it, it’s fashionable to make light of women who actually love to take care of their homes and families and consider it a high honor, and love the art of being domestic.

I consider the training my daughter received at home under my teaching as important as her college education.  She will get a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction out of caring for and serving her family and making her home a pleasant refuge for the family.

As a mother, I considered it an honor and enjoyed teaching my daughter how to do all the things around the house that I knew how to do.  I was teaching her to serve.  As a result, she has also become a servant to her family and is doing a mighty fine job of it, too.  Now she is even teaching me some things.   And so it goes, she will teach her daughter to do the same.

Think about the difference in mindset between the women of our grandmother’s generation and the accepted and common attitudes of women now.  I am sure the equality that has come about because of our government’s interference has not advanced the cause of “liberation”.

This is what is so ironic.

I feel these so-called “advancements”  have chained women and they have become akin to a slave to their selfish wants—serving their lower selves; therefore resulting in unfulfilled and unhappy females looking for someone to make it all possible, and then to ultimately blame.

Instead of liberation and “equality”, it appears to have turned into a bunch of animalistic females who believe that they cannot control their sexual urges and that someone must be responsible for resulting consequences of that lack of discipline.

Our grandmothers worried about knowing how to do everything necessary to take care of their homes and families and planned for it, trained under their mothers for it, and looked forward to it. They made doilies and other linens as teens and filled a ‘hope chest” with goods they had made and found for the home in order to “be prepared” for housekeeping and most of all, they saved themselves for marriage.

Now, we have women–supposedly educated at the most costly of all–and most elite of colleges– who go before Congress to beg for birth control.  That, to me is not progress, or liberation.  It is, in a word, pathetic.

I’d say the opposite of progress is the result of government interfering in the important role women play in the family and therefore in the stability of our country.  The results are all around you.  Think about it.

I’d say we HAVEN’T come a long way, baby!  Women have traditionally been the ones to care for and nurture families.  I’d rather be regressive in the eyes of a modern “liberated” woman than “advance” myself to their low level.

(And they call themselves progressives?!  WHY?!)


About sswimp

I am not an "African-American'. I am a proud American, who happens to be of African descent. I am Christian. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God shapes my concepts of what it means to be a conservative. I am Pro Life. Devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government,and individual responsibility. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.
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