By Nancy Gray

A monument dedicated to the unborn victims of ...

A monument dedicated to the unborn victims of abortion. This monument is next to the Church of Ste. Geneviève in Ste. Geneviève, Missouri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I felt very frustrated. I felt like I carried the world on my shoulders. I couldn’t stop thinking of how to get people to face the horror that our country would face if people still got hung up on President Obama. I had been posting articles for months on how he felt that Pro-life groups, Christian groups, conservatives, and patriots were classified as terrorist. The claim is so ridiculous I don’t know how people could believe this, but they did. They labeled us “the religious right”. And silly as it may be this supposedly frightened people. I saw their comments on the internet and thought, how foolish people have become.   So I proudly declared myself a conservative so people could see that the fear wasn’t needed. I started posting Pro-Life articles and stuff that was supposedly “controversial.” I practiced my freedom of religion and speech by praying on my status on facebook. I figured I’m already on the presidents hit list because I am all of the above so as long as I can say what I’m free to say and believe what I believe I will say it and enjoy my freedom that seems to be dwindling.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started thinking about how society brought gay’s out of the closet and attempted to put us Jesus lovers in the closet instead. So I said to myself, “I will NOT keep worshiping Jesus in the closet! I will come out so that everyone can see that there is no one else I will worship in this world. I owe this to him for he died for my sins so if my life will be threatened well, let it be. Than after that my frustration grew so here below is what I spewed.


I’m Frustrated.

Frustrated that people don’t give God credit

Frustrated because liars take from God and claim it as their own

Frustrated that people don’t see how close God is and they are out there searching for God in the wilderness and follow the first fool that promises the world.

I’m frustrated that people don’t see the worth that God sees in them.

I’m frustrated that people say they are good but are worship the wrong God.

I’m frustrated because people don’t see the great things they can do for others

I’m frustrated because people think of how they can benefit from the things they do rather than what it will do for others

I’m frustrated that people give up rather than fight for what is right

I’m frustrated that people give in to fear rather than to reach out to God for strength

I’m frustrated that people don’t acknowledge they were created by God

And instead believe the ridiculous lie that their ancestor is an ape

Why do I care? Because it affects all of us.

I’m frustrated because I’m looking through God’s point of view

No I don’t think I’m God

Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama...

Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama at a rally (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m just doing what God wants us to do; look at our life through His eyes, think about the choices we make. For instance ask ourselves what would Jesus do? Rather than what would Oprah do or what would Hitler Do? We instead need to think about what we can do for others, help one another and give God the glory.

Later that day I opened my God Touch Points book and would you like to know where on the page my eyes read?

[Under Frustration]

“Moses cried out to the Lord “what should I do with all these people?”

Exodus 17: 4

Amazing huh?


About sswimp

I am not an "African-American'. I am a proud American, who happens to be of African descent. I am Christian. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God shapes my concepts of what it means to be a conservative. I am Pro Life. Devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government,and individual responsibility. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.
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3 Responses to Frustrated

  1. Duncan Regen says:

    Stacy you are a beacon of light in the darkness. I read what you post and it is truely uplifting to me.I pray that God always watch over and protect you. You are a true inspiritation.

  2. sswimp says:

    Thanks,, Brother. This particular post is by our newest contributor, Nancy Gray, of Texas. Btw, you are an inspiration as well! We are in this together!

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