A Happy News Years Message, From Stacy Swimp

Dear Friends:

On this, the eve of the New Year of 2014, I am pleased to have the privilege to convey my gratitude to you for your participation in this forum throughout the year of 2013.

Words cannot adequately express how thankful I am for your endless prayers, encouragement, support, and for your admonishments and challenging me, always bringing out the best in me.

When the year began, I was at a crossroads in my life, having been so entrenched in partisan politics and very hard ideologues. I knew the Lord was calling me out of it all and, thus, I was compelled to repent of what the Holy Spirit revealed to me as my own “conservative idolatry”.

As the year progressed, I knew that I had the responsibility of being an ambassador of Christ and to preach the gospel, rather than align myself with any political ideology or party.

Going forward into the New Year, you can trust that I will continue to Rightly divide the Word of Truth, preaching repentance from dead works, faith towards God, the doctrine of baptisms, the laying on of hands and the resurrection of the dead.

You can depend on my never ending commitment to also speak the Word of Truth to both political parties and those in high places, for it is indeed the role of the Church to hold government accountable to fulfilling it’s God appointed duties to man rather than trying to turn man against God, such as what we have seen increasingly from Washington to our local municipalities.

I pray safety for all who shall be out celebrating this New Years, as well for all of our police and fire across the nation who are always on guard to keep us safe.

Please remember our Servicemen and Servicewomen who are abroad and unable to be with their loved ones to bring in this year year. They need our continued prayers and love, as do their families, whose sacrifice for our Republic is beyond our comprehension.

So in my final words to you this year: “I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” (III John 1:2)

God bless you and God bless America!


Your Brother and Servant,

Stacy Swimp


About sswimp

I am not an "African-American'. I am a proud American, who happens to be of African descent. I am Christian. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God shapes my concepts of what it means to be a conservative. I am Pro Life. Devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government,and individual responsibility. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.
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2 Responses to A Happy News Years Message, From Stacy Swimp

  1. De Ann says:

    That was beautiful. Thank you for all your support for me and the prayers for me, my children and Tommy while he’s away. God bless you and we’ll see you in 2014. Well its 2014 for you I think. It’s still 2013 for me. 😉

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