Black Homosexual Men Putting Black Women At Risk: A National Black HIV/AIDS Day Message

Today is ‘National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. However, I am not sure of the logic of a Black Aids Awareness Day, when there is deafening silence about this endemic in the community year round.

If there is going to an honest dialogue, whether for one day or year round, it has to include the FACT Homosexual, Flip flopping men are murdering Black women at alarming pace.

We call them “brothers on the down low”. They are not, in any affectionate or meaningful sense, true “brothers”.

These are so called gay men who don’t tell the women they are having sex with men as well.

The fact is that homosexual, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men, particularly young Black men who are doing so, are the most seriously affected by HIV.

Not surprisingly and tragically, an estimated 1 in 32 Black American women will be diagnosed with HIV infection, compared with 1 in 106 Hispanic/Latino women and 1 in 526 white women.

A significant contributing factor is that countless Black women are absolutely in the dark about the risk factors of their male sex partners who are having unprotected sex with men and with them as well.

This used to be conveniently blamed on men coming out of prison, but that over simplistic answer cannot possibly explain away this crisis.

While some men may indeed come of our prison and live double lifestyles,  professional and working class homosexual men are  murdering these women with silent betrayal as well.

That said, has anyone ever  have seen any homosexuals or lesbians protesting this particular hate agenda? Is there anything more hateful than giving someone HIV out of selfish lies and secrecy?

Where are the homosexual and lesbian organizations who should be giving their voices to educational campaigns to encourage homosexual men to stop murdering these women with their secret lives and sexual betrayals?

Of course, the women contracting HIV, even from Black men “on the down low”  bear a responsibility as well. I would be remiss if I did not highlight this:

“Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”– I Corinthians 6:18

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality;”– I Thessalonians 4:3

In the final analysis, both the women and the homosexual men who are deceiving these unsuspecting women bear equal responsibility in the eyes of God.

However, here on earth, the only ones who are being asked to take personal responsibility are heterosexual women. There is no outrage in our society towards homosexual men, who putting these women at greater risk.

These men are criminals and should not be coddled or enabled by a permissive culture.

Let that dialogue begin as well and may it never stop.


About sswimp

I am not an "African-American'. I am a proud American, who happens to be of African descent. I am Christian. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God shapes my concepts of what it means to be a conservative. I am Pro Life. Devoted to the principles of free enterprise, limited government,and individual responsibility. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.
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7 Responses to Black Homosexual Men Putting Black Women At Risk: A National Black HIV/AIDS Day Message

  1. Troy says:

    Where are you ascertaining your information, which leads you to formulate and broadcast your opinions as fact? I suggest you look at national and local science based and peer reviewed studies before making sweeping generalization about any groups of people. When you look at most health inequities, within the US, people of color and the poor experience the greatest health disparities. There are a number of contributing factors; systematic racism, lack of access to quality health care, substandard educational system, few employment opportunities, increased arrested and incarceration of black men, smaller sexual network, etc…
    Spewing such a misinformed opinion is irresponsible and damaging to OUR (LGBT, Heterosexual, People of faith, people of all races and ethnicities, etc…) fight to end HIV in America.
    I suggest you better inform yourself and think of more effective ways to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among African-Americans.

  2. sswimp says:

    I live in the inner city. I have served on a HIV/Aids Task Force. I have spent time with Black women who have been infected with HIV by homosexuals. This is truly a crisis. To say otherwise is irresponsible.

    Let’s say we disagree as to the data. What about at least challenging the homosexual demographic to be more responsible rather than simply enabling them?

    • Troy says:

      You are speaking from your myopic perspective, which cannot be generalized to the entire community. I encourage you to broaden your experiences and interaction with HIV positive women and men. This will help to better inform your thoughts on how to assist with preventing the spread of HIV among our community.

      You are playing the blame game, rather than formulating effective solutions. I pray for your understanding and discernment in your attempt to educate our community. I think we will do a much better job, in fighting this epidemic, if we work together.

      There are a number of local and national efforts where African-American Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals are working together to prevent new HIV infections and reduce HIV stigma. I encourage you to work collaboratively and not in opposition.

      • sswimp says:

        There are efforts on the behalf of Homosexual men to encourage other homosexual men to be transparent through public awareness campaigns? Please share with me where this occurs and any links to it. I would happy to share such information with my readers.

      • sswimp says:

        I might add that in civil discussion, to tell me that my perspective is “myopic” and to assume that I have limited interaction with HIV positive women and men is truly unfortunate. I have said that I have served on a HIV/Aids Task Force Board. Surely, that is an indication that I have more than a tertiary experience with this demographic. The President of this Board was a Homosexual with Aids, for the record. So I certainly understand collaboration. To his credit, he was open to the conversation about the crisis I noted, regarding homosexual or bi-sexual men failing to be transparent with Black women. Blaming that dishonesty on the Black community is not logical. They lied because they wanted to pleasure themselves with the woman, regardless of the consequences to themselves or that woman.

  3. Troy A. says:

    How about passing responsibility on the black community for making homosexual black men feel so ashamed they have to hide it? How about educating the black community (men and women, gay and straight) on practicing safe sex?

    • sswimp says:

      We are all responsible for how we choose to respond, in action, to whatever we “feel”. We have all confronted rejection from someone for something. For a homosexual male to blame the large community for the conscience decision to have sex with a woman and not tell her that he is bi sexual and having sex with other men is his choice.

      One he is fully responsible for. He is not a victim doing do but a liar and a murderer very often.

      That said, I do agree that there needs to be a revolution of the hush culture in Black communities about a number of issues within it that are very real and are not simply going to vanish just because few want to be honest about it.

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