Brendan Eich – Mozilla vs The King

From Tera Ertz at Hope and Change Ministries

Hope and Change Ministries

firefox The web exploded the last few weeks. Apparently, there is at least one person in Silicon Valley who supports traditional marriage and put his money where his heart is. Apparently, that is not allowed. The opponents of traditional marriage are running their victory laps today after their outcry precipitated the resignation of Brendan Eich , CEO of Mozilla. The Christians I have seen are shaking their fists in outrage and decrying the leftist mob. I understand the outrage, but there are two troubling trends in the Christian narrative. First, we have the cry for Christians to push back and stop being cowards . Second, we have the idea that we should be afraid .

I will address the fear issue simply by pointing to Matthew 10:26-28. This is my favorite reminder of the sinful nature of fear of the world. If you prefer another, Biblegateway has a great search function…

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