Meet Minister Stacy M. Swimp, a dynamic and inspirational national speaker and dedicated servant of our Republic. He is a born again Christian who believes that we must redeem the time and that “true Christians must rise again!”

Stacy is a Community Activist and Political Commentator

Stacy promotes free market solutions and advocates for labor freedom and school choice.

Stacy is an uncompromising advocate of the principles of individual freedom for all citizens, as it is outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

Stacy is driven by a firm belief in a moral, ethical, and spiritual representation of the individual that recognizes our Creator as the grantor of all human rights and equality.

Stacy believes in fostering personal responsibility and integrity in the pursuit of relationships and opportunities in American life.
Stacy is a 2009 graduate of the Great Lakes Bay Region African-American Leadership Training Institute and a 2011 Graduate of the Henry Marsh Institute of Public Policy.
Stacy is also a 2010 recipient of the “Frederick Douglass Award, given by the Women’s Progressive Club of Saginaw, MI, an affiliate of The National Organization of Colored Women and Youth Affiliates His commentaries have appeared in the Washington Times, Miami Times, Orlando Sun, Philadelphia Tribune, Chicago Defender, Michigan Chronicle, Buffalo Criterion and publications around the world.

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25 Responses to MEET STACY SWIMP

  1. Mary Moylan says:

    Stacy, I would like to have you as a guest for the MultiCultural Committee that I’m chairman of in Saginaw Township. We’ll be having our first meeting next Tuesday and I will bring this up then. We spoke about this once concerning its Academic sub-committee that we just formed. It has, as one of its objectives, the job of addressing the Achievement Gap of minority students. I’ll be in touch!

  2. Susan Hustwick says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Swimp for your service and dedication to this country. You sir, can come to my house anytime and eat lemon meringue pie!!!!
    Susan Hustwick

  3. I left you a msg on your Facebook page – Rowena Booker felt you would be ideal to appear on my Radio Show – Pls msg me on Facebook and I’ll give you a phone number we can speak on.

  4. J Mickey says:

    Mr. Swimp,
    I marched in the early 70’s.
    I was threatened with death by white supremacists.
    I had a black roomamate in college at the time, and was also threatened by members of the ‘Black POwer” crowd.
    He also received threats from both groups.
    We were both beat up – we were both trown out of bars in his home town, because we went together.
    The last few years, I have started to feel it was in vain.
    YOU sir, are who I marched for., You are why I endured.
    For the dream of Dr King – that we would stop seeing the color of skin.
    YOu have helped re-instate my faith in mankind.
    I can not possibly thank you enough, for what I know is a incredibly brave thing you do – to styand up, against those who would harm, and deride you.
    Thank you Sir, well done, and good on you.
    Jeff Mickey, Ohio

    • Chris W. says:

      Wow. stated beautifully Jeff. I remember segregation coming to my high school. They closed a black and a white high school and combined us in the new school together (1965). I helped one of the girls train, try out and become a cheer leader. She was devastated that she (and her classmates) had to leave their school, in their neighborhood, and be forced to do this in her last years of high school. We became good friends. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my 40th high school reunion a few years back and it was a mutual feeling shared by all of the students that we made it through such a volatile time (with out really knowing it) and went on to successful lives. It was genuine. I saw no racial issues and I wonder sometimes who stirs them up (on both sides). i have rarely in my 60+ years heard anyone even use offensive language. Our son is color blind and has friends of all colors and backgrounds. It is up to the parents to teach love and acceptance in this crazy mixed up and sinful world. The song :red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in HIS sight, JESUS loves the little children of the world” that we sing with our kids is a great start and a way to discuss it. You also have friends at your church, school and where you live and it is ordinary to fellowship with them. We are all created and are equal in the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ.
      Oddly enough, several of the Indian families we have gone to school with, do not allow their children to ride or socialize with us. I had to do some major work to get one of my son’s friends to a birthday party at Adventure Island where we live. Jay thanked me and even said that they do not like Christian families because they are concerned we will try and get them into our churches! It shows the power of the gospel. i also will say again that the only unity for us in our country is in the Holy Spirit of God Almighty. REVIVAL is the answer. Tune in and watch Billy Graham in November.. MY HOPE AMERICA .
      Galatians 5:22-23
      New Living Translation (NLT)
      22 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

  5. sswimp says:

    I truly appreciate everyone’s support. Thank you!

  6. I think this is among the most important information for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The web site style is great, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  7. d. russel brown says:

    After speaking with you briefly on the On the Radar show this morning, I am concerned that your vision may be a little too narrow. The problems you are bringing to light are part of a larger picture, namely the state of our society and our government as a whole. I ask you to abandon your “Israel Forever” viewpoint and realize that the Zionist Government of Israel is oppressing Jews and Gentiles worldwide, and that our Washington government is infiltrated with “Dual Citizens”. 99 percent these foreign nationals are Israeli Zionists, on the order of 10,000 in various salaried , contract, and appointed offices. Included in this coven are ambassadors, National Security and Pentagon advisers, and Presidential cabinet members. Also included are legislators who have unquestioned, if not formal, automatic Israeli citizenship- a country with which we have no extradition treaty. For a discussion and more links refer to Dan Eden’s excellent factfinding papers on
    We cannot talk about American domestic issues unless we are free to discuss ZIonism. Their heinous and expensive wars and media control are the root of most modern problems. Suppressed speech is suppressed speech, subject matter notwithstanding.
    May God grant that you continue your journey in the light of Truth.

    • MaryM says:

      Where do you get your information? Who’s suppressing whom? It’s not the ‘Zionists’ who are trying to kill free speech; it’s the islamists who want to criminalize any criticism of Islam and its horrible wars and promotion of terrorism. And what ‘media control’ are you referring to? Don’t you realize most mainstream media outlets are hostile to Israel and rarely if ever report honestly on what is really happening over there? When I read media reports on the Middle East, I hear almost NO criticism of the constant attacks on Israel and her citizens by the Palestinians but tons of criticism directed at those same Israelis for simply defending themselves. when has Israel ever bombed buses loaded with civilians, or restaurants where weddings are going on? When has Israel sent suicide bombers through to the palestinian territories to kill men, women and children going about their everyday business? Israel has done more than her fair share of working for peace in that area and it’s time for an open-eyed look at the countries that have openly stated they want to finish the work Hitler started. Don’t you realize Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East? Of course we want to support her. Please expand your repertoire of news sources before you repeat islamists talking points.

      • MaryM:
        In a kind and loving way, your post is pure mainstream off-the-shelf propaganda. It is this automatic, unthinking, programmed response which has allowed us to be lulled into thinking that “everything is just fine” while the mad elephant tramples us under his feet.
        The Mossad HAS killed their own people; this is documented. The “Islamists” have NOT attempted to stifle free speech in this country; what they do at home is their business, but what Israel does in the United States is OUR business, and the murders they commit in Palestine- and indeed, by proxy, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.- is the entire PLANET’S business. You are apparently articulate and I am sure that you can think for yourself. Switch off Faux News and try watching RT (Internet and Time Warner Cable), the Drudge Report, Veterans Today, Infowars, etc. Much unbiased information is available to those who seek it; Tel Aviv will never let their corporate media tell Americans the truth…. and you never did explain why so many Israelis are in our government 🙂

  8. Great post, I absolutely agree. If I may deviate off topic and stress that in spite of shelling out income tax to the government and sending our citizens to fight and die in every war, Washingtonians have had no voting representation in Congress and have had to seek out endorsement from people they did not elect on all legislative and also budgetary matters. That my friends is crime against society, and America. Let’s hope it will change soon. Cheers.

  9. Paula Foutz says:

    Many thanks for your submission, it was interesting and compelling. I stumbled upon my way here through Google, I will go back another time 🙂

  10. MaryM says:

    Well, i’m sorry, sir, but you are completely wrong. the Israelis are surrounded by those who openly wish to kill them all, as Iran has openly stated. It’s a proven fact that the other islamists Nations teach their children a psychotic hatred of Jews and fill their heads with tales of ‘martyrs’ who die in order to take as many innocent men, women, and children with them. So you don’t think this tiny country has the right to defend itself, or do you think they should just sit around and wait to be massacred? Israel is the only democracy in that region, and controls just a tiny bit of land in a sea of Islamic countries. The hatred of Muslims toward Jews is idiotic, stupid, and, as I said, really just psychotic. I have read lots of background info and it’s pretty obvious that the religion that says it’s OK to lie to ‘infidels’ is a master at pulling the wool over far too many westerners eyes. there have been no slaughters committed by Israel on Palestinians or other peoples. civilian casualties have been caused more by the utter disregard of the Islamists for the lives of their own people, as they hide weapons in homes, hospitals, and mosques, and fight from those places. then when there are inevitable casualties, they scream bloody murder and pose for the cameras in mock outrage. Perhaps you’ve forgotten about those two Israeli soldiers who made a wrong turn and walked into an Islamic neighborhood where they were seized and murdered in cold blood. Or the children who were blown up by a suicide bomber. Or the buses bombed. Or the parties bombed. Or the supermarkets bombed. Or the Jews in India slaughtered in cold blood (in Delhi just a few years ago). and now the Christians are being ‘cleansed’ out of their lands by their infernal hatred of other religions (Nigeria, Iraq, Egypt, Indonesia…). But it’s OK…’cause their mullahs say killing those who oppose Islam is the duty of all ‘good’ muslims. (Did you know the Koran allows muslims to lie to non-muslims to advance the cause of Islam…?) perhaps you should stop reading all your white-washing sites and dig a little deeper into this horrific faux ‘religion.’

  11. Madam:
    Like I said, you are a veritable wellspring of canned Mainstream Media misinformation. Your first glaring (and common) error is that all Muslims are the same guy. I don’t blame you; this is the pablum forced down the gullets of American media viewers. But then you say:
    “there have been no slaughters committed by Israel on Palestinians or other peoples. ” The hours of video on You Tube alone, the dozens of documentaries and newspaper articles, document the murder of Palestinians, individually and en masse, in public and in custody. Yet you (like a typical Zionist) maintain that a three year old child is a terrorist. And again, you avoid the question of Zionist pigs in the US government- I assume because you cannot speak about it for fear of retribution from your handlers? Stop being an instrument of the propaganda masters. Israel’s government is not Jewish, and the Zionists know that the best way to gain the support of the Amerikan public is to play the victim game. Why do you think that they put Holohoax deniers in Prison? They fear the truth, and they hide behind the misinformed, twisted emotions of Faux News addicts who cannot, or will not, do the research and see what is real, for themselves.
    I pity those who have bought into the Big Lie. They are counting on turning Amerikans against each other, even while our sons and daughters are dying to support their hateful wars and crimes against humanity.
    READ. Then write. This isn’t about Jews or Moslems. It is about ZIONISTS. We can rant about Communists without being branded “intolerant anti-Slavic racists” or “anti-Asian bigots”. Why do the Zionists insist that opposition to their world domination is anti-Jewish? Only because they can count on brainwashed Amerikans to buy into their lies. Go to and get back to me. READ what “The Jews” say about the Zionist Satan- again, if your handlers will allow it.
    Peace 🙂

  12. WoW, I have to say D Russell that you are not correct. Zionist: an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel. The use of this term is absolutely rediculous.

    Although any good Christian WILL support historal OR modern Israel (what ever you wish to call it), there is not a need, nor has there ever been a need to “establish” a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine.

    I hate to inform you but the land of Israel has ALWAYS BELONGED to the Jews. I also hate to inform you (ok, not really!) but Palestine as well as Jerusalem ARE IN the the nation of Israel.

    If not, eaither subscribe to the NatGeo and/or History channel(s) to catch all the archaeological shows on the area which prove the Jews (their ancestors) were there first, OR… get educated and read the Bible. Biblically factual and scientifically proven. Got it?


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  16. Ivory Kine says:

    Wow, am I ever glad I arrived to your website. Wicked information!

  17. Sidney Rayl says:

    Your website is the best I have seen for a long time!

  18. Nancy Gray says:

    Please watch this this should end the confusión it is getting out of hand please post on all your sites! 🙂

  19. annie says:

    God bless you Stacy, I’m listening to you right now on andy dean radio show. You are the best, you are honest, brilliant, wellspoken and soooooorefreshing. I wish you or someone like you would run for office, but alas, we’re stuck with the nitwits with whom we are endlessly stuck. I especially appreciate you calling select black leaders out for the damage they have done to blacks in this country, keeping them “enslaved” with the garbage they’ve been dishing out since MLK sadly left us. As for me, I want a Hungarian History Month, just to be obnoxious (Although my deceased mom would be pleased.) Anyway, thank you again and now that I have discovered you I shall continue to follow this website.

  20. Greetings from South Carolina. Really enjoyed the conversations during your visit with us. Any plans to return in the near future? We need your perspective and advice on how to reach out and share the things we have in common as a people.

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