“Historic” Sixth Circuit Ruling Defers to the People; Upholds Marriage Amendment Crafted by the Thomas More Law Center

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) played an instrumental role in a ruling issued late yesterday afternoon in which the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decided to preserve traditional marriage, stopping the homosexual juggernaught that had been sweeping the nation.   In its 2-1 decision, the Sixth Circuit upheld marriage laws from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Judge Jeffrey Sutton wrote the opinion joined by Judge Deborah Cook.

“Historic” Sixth Circuit Ruling Defers to the People; Upholds Marriage Amendment Crafted by the Thomas More Law Center

The Thomas More Law Center played a significant role in crafting Michigan’s constitutional amendment upheld by the Court.  TMLC also filed an amicus brief (friend of the court brief) on behalf of a Coalition of Black Pastors and Christian leaders supporting traditional marriage.

Responding to yesterday’s ruling, Richard Thompson, TMLC’s President and Chief Counsel commented, “This opinion is an historic and elegant defense of the principle of judicial restraint and deference to democracy and the voice of the people.  It could well become the catalyst for the US Supreme Court to finally take-up the issue as well as the basis of an ultimate Supreme Court decision to allow the individual states to decide the definition of marriage.”

The Sixth Circuit ruled that laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman were constitutional, even in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling last year in U.S. v. Windsor, which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”).  The Sixth Circuit held that deference must be given to the individual states to regulate marriage, and that defining marriage between a man and a woman—as it has been for “thousands of years,” “span[ning] almost every society in history”—is a constitutional and rational act of the states.
TMLC played an intricate part in this crucial victory
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Lansing, Michigan, October 24, 2014- Hundreds of Michigan Pastors and Christian leaders gathered on the steps on the State Capital in Lansing, Michigan to hold a press conference in opposition to the growing movement within the Michigan Legislature to amend the State’s Civil Rights Act- Elliott Larson- to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

We, the undersigned Christian Pastors of the State of Michigan declare our opposition to adding sexual orientation, gender identity or other similar designation to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.”, Pastor Doug Levesque, Immanuel Baptist Church, Corunna, Michigan, reading a pastor’s joint statement.

The Pastors said that legislation in other states that were allegedly intended to protect homosexuals actually ended up discriminating against people of faith, citing the recent case in Houston, Texas, where the sermons, notes, and text messages of pastors were subpoenaed by the mayor.

The homosexual agenda is an anti freedom movement which has led to the persecution of pastors and Christian business owners across the nation, whose freedom of speech and freedom of religion are being taken from them, under the guise of so called gay rights. There is nothing civil about that!”- Minister Stacy Swimp, President, National Christian Leadership Council

Those wanting special rights for sexual orientation are seeking to rewrite the traditional moral fiber of our society,” Tim Berlin, senior pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Warren.

I don’t know of another example of pastors’ sermons being subpoenaed, except for in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. I find it ironic that the first example of that happening in America is from the LGBT community.”, Pastor R.B. Ouelette, First Baptist, Bridgeport, Michigan.

The pastors asserted that the job of the Michigan Legislature is to affirm and uphold constitutionally protected freedom for everyone – including business owners – not pass laws that grant special favors, give special status or guarantee special protections for some while coercing and punishing others.

Swimp concluded, “Let there be no doubt that, if you should decide to go forward with this grave injustice, I, every born again believer I know, as well as every pastor you see here today, shall disobey your unjust law. Here we stand, Black and White together, ready to go to jail!”


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A Message to All Christians: Do Not Identify With Homosexuals and Lesbians!

Dear Christian Americans:

I write this brief note to warn you, out of brotherly love and deep concern regarding the increasing false empathy believers appear to have towards the satanic agenda masked as the homosexual or LGBT agenda.

Homosexuals and lesbians are not seeking equality. They are not fighting against “sexual orientation discrimination”

They are instead perpetuating discrimination against Christians.

They have, out of a reprobate mind, transformed their deep sin into a passion for pride and are now superimposing the orientation of their lifestyle upon the world via unconstitutional (and often violent) attacks on our moral and natural laws, as well as upon our religious freedom of expression.

Please do not identify with homosexuals and lesbians (the false empathy I referenced previously).

Do not allow the god of this world (See: II Corinthians 4:4) to also blind you with lies and deception. Instead, I beg of you to be mindful that the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all homosexuals and lesbians, who “suppress the truth by their wickedness”. 

Moreover, I call upon you to understand and accept that heterosexuals who approve of the homosexual agenda are as wicked,, evil, greedy and depraved as homosexuals themselves (See Romans 1:18-32)

Let those who have an ear to hear do so.

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Are Black American Obama Supporters Like Unto The Benjamites- Who Chose Murderers and Rapists Over God?

Yesterday, a man who I consider a friend tell me yesterday that “there is no doubt President Obama will go down as the greatest president in America history’.

This friend just so happens to be a Black American.

I have to say that I see nothing “great” about a President who

  • Been a vocal and relentless advocate of murdering unborn children in the womb
  • Declared that marriage between one man and one woman is no longer valid, thus encouraging the nation to turn against God
  • Who seeks to make Civil Rights Laws meant to protect Black Americans meaningless by replacing them with “gay rights”
  • Whose policies have resulted in the Black employment rate in particular and unemployment in general, increasing more so under his watch than any president in recent memory
  • Who has repeatedly acted in favor of terrorists and demonstrated hostility towards Israel, while denying that Islam is at the core of global terrorism.
  • Who has demonstrated open disdain for America’s legacy as a moral enterprise and Judeo-Christian society
  • Who actively seeks to strip Christian American of religious freedom

President Obama has indeed declared war on the church, Israel, on unborn life and on the future of our nation.

The problem with my friend is that he- like too many of my fellow Black Americans- have sworn their loyalty to the “drop of Black blood” in the President and have disavowed their loyalty to our own rich history of high expectations and Christian values.

President Obama has tried to encouraged us, as Black Americans, to turn our backs on all we were taught by Rev. Absolom Jones, Rev. Richard Allen, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. about self dignity, strong families and faith towards God.

Yet, he still enjoyed unmerited and overwhelming support from the very people he has actually taken advantage of and whose loyalty he has not earned- the masses of my fellow Black Americans.

It reminds me, sadly,  of the Benjamites in the Book of Judges, chapters 19 -21.

Some of the men in the Tribe of Benjamin brutally raped and killed a woman, after first having tried to rape her husband. When God’s people, from the others tribes of Israel, came to seek justice, the majority of the Benjamites swore allegiance to the rapists and killers rather than to God, caring nothing about the innocent woman who been raped and murdered.

They quickly abandoned even their own heritage of being the sons and daughters of God.

They turned against God, in effect, in the name of being ‘kinfolk”. Since the rapists looked like them and was one of them – in their eyes- they were willing to stand by them even at the expense of losing their salvation.

As a result, their was a death culture that came over the tribe of Benjamin. Literally and figuratively, as the Lord saw to it that most of the Benjamite men, who gave endorsed what He called an abomination (i.e., homosexual conduct, rape, murder), were given the death penalty and the women in the tribe of Israel also suffered greatly.

I see the tragic similarity here.

How sad that any Black America- in the name of “a drop of Black blood” would defend a man- President Obama- who has made himself an enemy of the cross, declaring that what God said is “evil” is now “good”.

Surely we all know better.

When I pointed this out to my friend, who happens to sing in a church choir and is a devout Christian, he replied, “Everyone has an opinion”- as though it is a casual thing that the highest office in the land is now completely under the rule of the god of this world and America is slowly being handed over to a people that do not know the name of the Lord.

This Benjamite spirit is a spirit of rebellion. It is mocking spirit which hate God’s truth and leads only to death for any community that enables it.

God made repentance and restoration available to the Benjamites, in spite of themselves and gave them a chance to turn away from abomination and towards God in faith.

Most Benjamites declined God’s invitation. The punishment was devastating.

I pray that most of my fellow Black brothers and sisters will not make the same mistake going forward.

Let us turn away from this Benjamite spirit and from anyone who asks us to turn our backs on God and what we absolutely know God’s Word says.

Of course, there is always a possibility that this kind of Editorial will provoke some of my fellow Black Americans to call me “Uncle Tom” and “Sell Out”, since so many believe that support for anything the President does is a litmus test for Blackness.

All I can say is that I will serve the living God all the days of my life, even as the cost of such vile and false accusations.

God help us.

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Black Pastors To Hold Press Conference. Denounce NAACP and Gay Marriage Which They Say “Threatens to Destroy Western Civilization”


Contact: Stacy Swimp


Black Pastors To Hold Press Conference. Denounce NAACP and Gay Marriage Which They Say “Threatens to Destroy Western Civilization”

Detroit, Michigan– September 19, 2014- A National Coalition of Black Pastors and Christian Leaders has announced that they are holding a special Press Conference in Detroit, Michigan on September 23, 2014.

The Coalition will reveal a national strategy to combat court decisions overturning state laws protecting traditional marriage in partnership with the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Press Conference shall be held at 10am, in Dearborn Room 1, at the Marriott- Detroit Metro Airport, Romulus, Michigan 48174.

The Council, which has denounced gay marriage as “a threat to end western civilization as we know it,” has also condemned the NAACP as a “morally bankrupt institution” that has “sold Black civil rights for gay rights,” according to its spokesperson, Minister Stacy Swimp

In 2012, the NAACP took an official position to endorse “gay marriage,” by putting out a press release saying “we support marriage equality consistent with equal protection under the law provided under the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

The NAACP has not recanted their position, in spite of the fact the overwhelming majority of Black Americans oppose gay marriage.

“How is it that the NAACP concludes that the 14th Amendment, which was created to guarantee the citizenship rights of Black Americans,  is now meant to give license to a behavior which would devastate an already fractured institution in the Black community, which is the family?” says Pastor Danny Holliday, Founder and Pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Alton, Illinois.”Every God fearing American has a moral obligation to renounce membership to this once proud organization that has clearly lost its moral compass.”

The NAACP and other advocates of redefining marriage say that lesbians and homosexuals are “born gay” and should not be discriminated against because of how they were born.

The Coalition of Black Pastors and Christian leaders disagree.

“No one is created homosexual and forever condemned to being so. That argument, in defense of gay marriage cannot be substantiated. I am living proof.” says Evangelist Janet Boynes, a former lesbian who is one of the leaders of the Coalition. “Therefore, to redefine marriage and, essentially, render the concept of family without true meaning, would be an action against the will of God and the best interest of nation, family, and person who has been deceived into thinking he or she is without hope of walking away from homosexuality.”

The Coalition, represented by the Thomas More Law Center, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has filed several briefs on behalf of the Coalition in the Circuit Court of Appeals and in the US Supreme Court.

“We pray that Federal judges shall uphold the rule of law and dismiss the wrongful assertion which says that so called gay marriage has association with the 14th Amendment, which was passed to guarantee the citizenship rights of Black Americans,”  says Pastor Emery Moss, Strictly Biblical, Detroit, Michigan.

“Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it indicate that equal justice under the law is related to gay marriage,” says Bishop Samuel Smith, of the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship. “Marriage, furthermore, was defined by God. Not by government. Government has no right to redefine marriage and destroy the meaning of family.”

Bishop Smith concludes, “The Constitution provides us our civil, political, and religious freedom, in accordance with our God given rights. The courts of the United States have a duty to the American people to uphold these God given rights and the Constitution.”

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