Would you like to become a contributor here at Contagious Transformations? We’re always looking for new talent in the area of political commentary. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • No Profanity  – while our focus is conservative politics, we strive to keep the tone civil and appeal to the widest possible audience. As my father always said, cussing is the refuge of a lazy mind, and it tends to stop people from hearing what you’re trying to say.
  • Short, Sweet and to the Point – try to keep your submissions to about 800 words, if your piece really needs more space, which can often be the case with complex issues, break it down into multiple posts.
  • Solutions – as the name might suggest, we’re trying to change the world one post at a time. There are a lot of problems in the world today, but we can’t change the world if we don’t offer alternatives, so try to include some idea of the solutions to the issues you address.
  • Reserving our Rights – we are a privately held blog, we reserve the right to decide not to publish any piece. That doesn’t mean we think you’re a bad writer, or that we dislike you, it just means that for one reason or another the submission doesn’t fit with our mission or style.
  • Editing -we’re all busy folks, so it’s a great help if submissions are already pretty ship shape when we get them. Please take a moment to proof read your work for grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Multi-Media and Links – please include full links to any material you wish included in your post, like videos or pictures. Word Press can be a little twitchy, and it helps get your post looking the way you want it if we have the URL to the materials just in case.
  • Submitting – once you’ve recorded your brilliant, witty work, please save it as a Word document, formatted in 12 pt Times New Roman and send it to

Thanks and happy writing!

3 Responses to SUBMISSIONS

  1. Dominick Blanda says:

    I just want to help any way I can.

  2. searcher says:

    My issue with what you say Mr. Swimp is that the America that you say we need to go back to never existed.Many of the fathers of this nation were not particularly religious men. Thomas Jefferson was not a very religious man. Frederick Douglas was dubious of those who claimed and acted religious. He noticed that the most brutal slave masters were the ones who professed a strong active faith.

    The United States was never a theocracy and hopefully will never become one. The fact is that you would be a slave if America were to go back to the way it was early in it’s infancy.

    A literal interpretation of the Bible makes those who employ this rigid and robs them of empathy.

    If you want to really want to change this nation for the better encourage men to be better husbands and fathers. Instead of preaching homophobia give people real strategies that can improve their lives.

    Stop trying to take away the rights of others.

    I have come to see how harmful and destructive religion can be if it is used to merely acquire power over others.

    Religious freedom in this nation is not at risk. Actually, religion is state sanctioned. The government has afforded religious organizations tax exempt status.

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