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Tickets Are Selling Fast!! Join Stacy M. Swimp and a host of great conservative voices at the Rally For Common Sense!! Rally for Common Sense 2012 THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS  Get your tickets today! http://www.rallyforcommonsense.org Brought to you by Common Sense … Continue reading

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Culture Shock: Is Multiculturalism a Red Herring?

By Rebekah Maxwell A recent controversy over a man allegedly tied to white-supremacist views allegedly being invited to speak at CPAC (link: “Republicans Invite Racist to Speak at CPAC.”) has caused the usual suspects to line up in their typical … Continue reading

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Iowa Is Over – Now What?

By: Tera Ertz For many like me who had been supporting Herman Cain prior to his withdrawal from the campaign, there has been a hesitancy to throw our support behind another candidate.  Ron Paul is a libertarian, which is quite … Continue reading

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The Electability of Herman Cain

By Bill Knowles – from We Are Politics Editor’s note:  This is a copy of a column that will be released in The 11th Hour Magazine on Thursday. As most of you have heard by now, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO … Continue reading

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Unreal Underdog | Learn the Lingo

By Tera Ertz “Have no fear, Underdog is Here!”  Being a child of the eighties, this was the first thing that flashed through my mind upon hearing the clip of President Obama’s interview with George Stephanopoulos.  “I’m used to being … Continue reading

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