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A Message to All Christians: Do Not Identify With Homosexuals and Lesbians!

Dear Christian Americans: I write this brief note to warn you, out of brotherly love and deep concern regarding the increasing false empathy believers appear to have towards the satanic agenda masked as the homosexual or LGBT agenda. Homosexuals and … Continue reading

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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,”-Hosea 4:6 Yesterday, Church and city leaders met with Illinois Department of Transportation officials to hold a prayer service and celebrate that Project Labor Agreements were a part … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

By: Tera Ertz Happy New Year! As I sit sipping coffee this last night of 2012, and reading all the lovely well wishes scrolling across my wall, I am hearing God whisper in the back of my mind. This year … Continue reading

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God in the Public Square – The Return Part 2

I have always been a Christian, in the sense that I have always believed in Christ as my savior. I have always been a conservative, first in a nebulous sense, and then in a more detailed, vocal sort of way. … Continue reading

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The Importance of The Church being Culturally Relevant

By: Demetrius Minor The church’s role in a social interacting and advanced, technological paradigm-shifting world is very intriguing, but yet so important to world culture. The big question surrounding this is: How does the church engage in culture outside the … Continue reading

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