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A Message to All Christians: Do Not Identify With Homosexuals and Lesbians!

Dear Christian Americans: I write this brief note to warn you, out of brotherly love and deep concern regarding the increasing false empathy believers appear to have towards the satanic agenda masked as the homosexual or LGBT agenda. Homosexuals and … Continue reading

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Are Black American Obama Supporters Like Unto The Benjamites- Who Chose Murderers and Rapists Over God?

Yesterday, a man who I consider a friend tell me yesterday that “there is no doubt President Obama will go down as the greatest president in America history’. This friend just so happens to be a Black American. I have … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean When Homosexuals and Lesbians Announce They Are “Coming Out” ?

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts has  recently announced that she is “coming out” to declare to the world that she is a practicing lesbian. Roberts,  a breast cancer survivor, was also diagnosed  in 2012 with myelodysplastic syndrome, a blood disorder caused by chemotherapy … Continue reading

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Homosexuality Is A Sin!

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to sign a bill today barring licensed therapists from trying to make gay minors straight. Governor Christie has, in deciding to sign such a ban, to also declare God‘s Word as untrue, falsely using … Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts of America voted this week to end their policy  banning youth who are openly practicing homosexual behavior. Over 60 percent of The National Council of 1,400 delegates from Scouts across the country voted to lift the ban. In … Continue reading

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