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Does The Tea Party Movement Have Weaknesses?

Most of my friends and family are convinced that the Tea Party Movement in “racist”. It is clear that this, for the most part, is media driven, as the Democrat Party does a good job mastering and winning the propaganda … Continue reading

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‘Me Too” Republicans, By Thomas Sowell

Many ideas presented as “new” are just rehashes of old ideas that have been tried before — and have failed before. So it is no surprise that the recent “Growth and Opportunity Project” report to the Republican National Committee is … Continue reading

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Beyond the Rhetoric

By: Harry C. Alford Detroit Free Falls as Its Leaders are in Denial I visited Cleveland a few years ago.  As I was heading towards downtown I noticed a sign that showed pictures of blighted structures.  There was a quote … Continue reading

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Written by Anne Phelps, Michigan “I remember many of us cheered when Newt Gingrinch took on the media during one of his debates. Romney slaughtered his Republican and Independent opponents, which angered me. He threw stones at his opponents, unmercifully. … Continue reading

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The third and final Presidential debate, which focused on foreign policy, accentuated the differences between the way President Obama and his challenger, Mitt Romney, see the role of government. Governor Romney advocates a policy of peace through strength and being … Continue reading

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