CT on You Tube

Welcome to Contagious Transformation’s You Tube Channel. We hope you’ll check back often and hear from our own

Stacy M. Swimp!!

Please enjoy…Unhyphenated American

4 Responses to CT on You Tube

  1. Diane says:

    I just found you! I like what you say and how you say it. Excellent! Thank you for a sensible message. You are a valuable American! Please continue sharing your knowledge; it is clear your sincere dedication is to improve everyone’s lives. May God continue to bless you with sage wisdom and share that wisdom with others. :=D

  2. Rebecca says:

    AMEN!! Thank you, Stacy Swimp: I’m 100% on board with you…

    P.S. your position, your comments, your thinking are so refreshing!

  3. searcher says:

    The issues that are holding back blacks in the nation have nothing to do with equal rights for gays. The assult on the family has actually been waged by heterosexual men, many who claim to be Christians. The extremely high divorce rate within African American families has nothing to do with gay rights. It is frustrating to hear members of the clergy wasting their time money and platform arguing against and litigating against homosexual rights.

    Your message is an old tired message. Homophobia is nothing new. When will you talk about domestic abuse, physical, psychological and spiritual. The breakdown of the family is what is really hurting this nation. Americans have the highest divorce rates in the world.
    Where is the outrage about that.

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